Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman

Do you have a moment on your life thinking of the places to travel by yourself as a woman? As a woman sometimes we come to a point imagining ourselves traveling, exploring and doing adventurous things. Probably, like other people who have dreams you also want to do your dreams in reality.  

However, your friends especially your family won’t be allowed and supported you in your solo traveling plan. Because they say as a woman traveling alone is the stupidest thing that you will do. Probably, because it’s not safe.   

Nevertheless, no matter how they stop you as long as you like it for sure you’ll go and reach your dreams.  

Traveling by yourself as a woman is a best and most impactful experience that you could have in your life.  

Here, I will be sharing some of the places that you can travel by yourself as a woman. So, without further ado, let’s get started.  

16 Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman  

Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman


Traveling Iceland alone is one of the amazing experiences that you could have, it is one of the safeties countries in the world where you can travel alone as a woman. You can’t do anything in Iceland because of the peaceful standard living that they have. Even the place is covered with ice you feel the warmest greetings of the place on you. You will feel comfortable with the place. The midnight sun and the northern lights of Iceland is very beautiful. Iceland has beautiful places such as waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, seaside, and cute villages. The people can speak English widely and you can get along well with them. In this beautiful place, you can never be lost because they have few roads like they have the main roads and the couple of branches that you can go off. In terms of driving around and navigating on your own, you don’t have to worry about that because it is so easy to drive to the place. Lastly, Iceland has very good Wi-Fi and GPS signal which means you can communicate with your friends and family.  


Traveling Switzerland alone is one of the coolest experiences that you could have, the country is the most picturesque, it has meadows of beautiful wildflowers and gorgeous mountain views. Also, the Rhône river backdrops. Swiss people can speak different languages so you can communicate and get along well with them. When it comes to hours Switzerland is an early country so the stores and cafes open and close early. The country has good public transportation and the more good thing is they offer a Swiss Travel Pass where you can get unlimited transportation on buses or trains. The country is a free country and the people don’t use the euro. The most favorite tourist spot in Switzerland is Geneva.   

Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman

New Zealand  

This hip and beautiful country have a lot of top attractions and one of it is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves which is very interesting, the country also has plenty of mountains such as the Mount Tarawa, Mount Maunganui, Mount Cook and of course the Remarkable where you can do sight-seeing and climbing. The country has the most beautiful national park in the world. Be prepared to see some amazing and unique fish, birds and mammals in the country. By visiting the country, you will meet Maori people and learn about their beautiful culture. Perhaps, the best place to go to New Zealand is the City of Rotorua where you can tour Maori villages, watch the Maori people performances and eat with them prepared in their traditional huggee method which is cooked with heated rocks and buried in pit ovens.  The country is not just for mountain bikers and kayakers, but it also has a great spot to relaxed like the vineyards. The country has a famous wine. They have great cities to hustling and bustling where you can attend festivals. New Zealand has the famous hiking trails and has unique indigenous fauna. One of the best places you can visit in the country is the interesting wildlife in the Bay of Islands where you can see birds, penguins, orcas, and seal as well as the giant weta their tourism website boasts which is the largest insect in the world. Lastly, you can travel their most top attraction which is the Emerald Lakes and Lake Rotorua.  

Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman


This beautiful country is known as the home of the most landscape and diverse wildlife is also one of the safeties countries you can visit. The country is endowed with extreme natural wonders, large expanses of the outback, plenty of wildlife, cosmopolitan metropolises and dazzling beaches. It delivers unique experiences, you can match into the people’s interest, taste, budget, and age. You can’t do anything during their holiday but to sightseeing fabulous land and aquatic adventures. For adventure seekers, nothing compared to the much more than just a paradise Australian experience.  

Places to Travel by Yourself as a Woman


This country has a lot of breathtaking landscapes and it is surrounded by multiculturalism, the country has a good reputation for being the friendliest people in the world and traveling here is safe. You can do a lot of adventures in this country like Digging into food and drink favorites and travel through their 45 national parks If you are an outdoor enthusiast you can also do biking and hiking. You can also explore the longest coastline in the world and find more adventures if where will you go. By visiting the country, you will meet friendly people and celebrate the rich culture.  

French Polynesia  

The country with some of the best diving, heavy vanilla scent and incredible natural beauty diverting the marines. One of the best reasons why you should try this country is because of their very inviting and appealing water and scenery where you can do many water activities. The country has mother nature stunning sceneries of verdant valleys and mountains. By exploring the country you can do a lot of things such as Adventures and Island Activities where you can do sports and water activities. You can also stay in overwater bungalows where you can enjoy sleeping in the middle of the lagoons and your own privacy. In visiting Polynesia, you will meet the people and learn about their culture and enjoy the island getaway  


The country is known for being the beer and place of happiness, The country has a lot of castles you can visit, you can experience to tour on the Guinness storehouse where you can witness the brewing process and sample the final product. You can do a lot of adventures in the place such as walking, surfing, caving, paragliding, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and mountain biking. Also, you will discover their history, take into the breathtaking scenery, you can experience the country’s festival and pub culture and dine in the Irish culture.  


One of the top tourist countries in the world with a high quality of life, the country is known for lax attitude toward marijuana, charming canals and bike culture. Visiting the country, you will enjoy captivating scenery of the galleries and museums, beautiful architecture, art hotels, the food, nightlife, mesmerizing canal,  and experience the festivals. You will also meet people who are extremely friendly and welcoming. Also, you can see lots of local markets around the city where you can buy souvenirs, art, flowers, and food.   


One of the ultimate road trip destinations by many travelers especially the woman, the country has different peoples, the people who live in Namibia can speak English, You can see some kind of different bird in the country, you can do a lot of adventures in this country like camping and biking. The country is a safe and politically stable country which means the people are friendly.  


One of the best countries you can visit because the country is one hottest destination by travelers, the beautiful country have welcoming and friendly people, the country is safe to visit even you are a solo traveler, the countries cuisine is varied and amazing, the music scene is off the chart,  the country is a whole wonderful biodiverse country which makes it the home of the truly unique animals. The beaches of the country are among the best in the world. The Mexican culture of the country is endlessly fascinating.  


This is one of the most popular countries that you will wish to visit too. The country has plenty of fun as the people celebrate different festivals, you don’t need to learn the language of the people because they know how to speak English, you can enjoy River Cruise and the sports.   


One of the most favorite destinations of travelers, the country has all of the natural landscapes, historic cities, spectacular beaches, and world-renowned cuisine. You will enjoy exploring the castles, palaces and royal retreats of Sintra. Stroll around atmospheric Lisbon, and the Party. Since the country is known for having spectacular beaches you will be so happy looking for the sunset of beaches. The coffee in the country is good and their fish is very fresh,   


The darling country of many travelers known on to its one can go on beaches, lakes, ancient ruins, mountains, culture, wine, and food. The different region of the country has its own cuisines, charm, and attractions which makes it an ideal country to travel.  The country has a lot to offer to travelers, the country’s villages are equally stunning, the country has dazzling Italian Islands, the country has a diverse landscape. Italian people helpful and good people. You will not burn a hole and save some extra bucks when you visit the country. The celebration and festival of the country are fun.  


One of the wonderful countries you should try to visit because it has a lot to offer, the country has the best cheese in the world, they have tasteful wines, the romance effect as it is the “city of love”. The country has beautiful beaches, big cinemas, many stores of fashions, and delicious food.   


This country is the top spot for solo female travelers, the country has the perfect mix of culture, modern comfort and history, they have the most beautiful places from nature such as bamboo forests, waterfalls, beautiful blue ponds, and amazing shrines and temples. The country is very safe for travelers, the country is super clean, they have the most amazing food, beautiful cherry blossoms, beautiful wildlife, and the most amazing architecture. In this country traveling is very easy because their public transport is efficient, you will enjoy the nature of the country, playing manga and video games, and even karaoke. The fashion of the country is trendsetting. You can try the Japanese traditional clothing or kimono. The people who live in this country are friendly and welcoming though their language is a little bit daunting.  


This beautiful country is most of the best tourist destinations that you need to visit. The country will never stop to amaze you, From the stunning sights above and under the sea, the hospitality, the culture, the friendly people and of course, the food. The Philippine country has a lot to offer, the people are known to be hospitable who are willing to welcome travelers and make them feel home. The country has a lot of provinces with different festivals to celebrate. The country has a lot of breathtaking islands. You will have a great adventure to their beaches, mountains, volcanos, lakes, waterfalls and many more. You will enjoy the party life and wine and beers.  


Traveling alone is very challenging, it has a lot of adventures, sometimes you will get lost or you will run out of money. Perhaps maybe for others traveling alone is boring and lonely but what they don’t know is you can more enjoy traveling if you don’t have anyone with you.  

Nevertheless, traveling by yourself as a woman can teach you to be more independent when it comes to finances, more creative in finding solutions and making your decisions in life.  

Therefore, I recommend that you must at least try to visit the country I mention above and see the place so you can now enjoy it.