10 Cheapest Places to Fly Internationally – Vacation on a Budget!

Are you planning an international vacation for the family, but a little short on budget? Don’t fret because there are many cheapest places to fly internationally. You can have a well-rested vacation in a different country without smashing your savings or hurting your pocket.

We all love traveling, but each trip requires a certain amount of money. Airfares alone can leave you broke, not to mention that you have to pay accommodation, food, and more.

The good thing is that you can still have a vacation abroad on a budget. The following are some of the cheapest places that offer the best experiences for solo travelers, groups, families, and couples:

1.     Thailand

cheapest places to fly internationally

For those who want to experience a tropical vacation, Thailand is the place to be. The Land of Smiles will surely give a smile on your face with their cheap yet world-class destinations. If you want to save money and get the best out of your trip, get out of Bangkok.

Airfare going to Thailand is also cheap. You can get a seat for as low as $500 from LAX or JFK. If you want to get the cheapest flights, going off-season during March and September is ideal. However, this is also the rainy season so that some activities might be limited.

Upon arrival, you can find equally affordable accommodations that start at $20 a night or less. Still, you can find luxury hotels here, should you have the extra money to splurge.

Food in Thailand is very affordable too. You’ll spend an average of $4 a day on food if you’re very picky. There are also a lot of free things to do here, including visiting public beaches, temples, and other attractions.

Shopping for some souvenirs is also affordable around night markets and local shops. 

2.     Vietnam

cheapest places to fly internationally

One of our country favorites is Vietnam. It offers the best natural sceneries with a touch of its French influences. Airfare going to Vietnam range from $500 to $600, depending on where you’re going to land. For those who are on a tight budget, October is the best time to visit here as seat sales are abundant during this period.

The three cheapest places to stay in Vietnam are the capital Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Hoi An in the middle. If you want to stay away from the city buzz, we recommend staying in Sapa countryside. Here, you’ll be treated to vast rice terraces and greenery. It’s a great way to relax and unwind while you enjoy the view of the Fansipan Mountain.

If you love beaches, Nha Trang is the quintessential destination in Vietnam. Just note that this place gets really crowded during peak season.

Just like in Thailand, the cost of living in Vietnam is relatively affordable. You can even find a $10 a night accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City. Island tours and buffets are all affordable.

3.     Philippines

cheapest places to fly internationally

For those who can’t get enough of white sand beaches, we recommend that you fly to the Philippines. It has the most stunning shorelines in Asia – Boracay, El Nido, Panglao, Jomalig, Siquijor, and more!

Still, the Philippines is more than just its azure waters. It also has its own version of rice terraces at Banaue and cherry blossoms in one of its highest peaks – Atok, Benguet.

As for the price, you won’t have to touch your savings. In one of the stunning attractions in the country, you can find a $10 a night accommodation. You can tour the famous Hundred Islands for as low as $40 with a complimentary breakfast.

If you are the backpacker type of traveler, you can stay in the Philippines for as low as $20 a day. If you want to make way for some luxuries, $60 a day would be enough.

Airfare from the US to the Philippines range from $600 to $700. You can also choose to land straight to a key city if you want to steer clear of the busy capital, Manila.

4.     Morocco

cheapest places to fly internationally

Do you want to have a vacation in Africa? Morocco is probably the cheapest and most beautiful destination you can choose. It’s one of only three countries in the world to have shorelines both in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The good thing about Morocco is it’s just a short trip away from Europe. It’s also one of the most stable countries in Africa where you can manage to have fun without emptying your savings.

Also, there’s a growing cluster of hostels since Morocco is becoming one of the favorite spots of backpackers. You can also find courtyards and gardens with traditional hotels.

In the middle of the Moroccan desert, you can feast your eyes in the unabashed beauty of the Milky Way.

For a backpacker budget of $40 a day, you can tour Morocco and enjoy a quiet vacation. You can add an extra $60 if you want to shop and enjoy other offerings in the country. Just watch out for pushy salesmen who will try to sell you overpriced trinkets. 

5.     Turkey

Turkey never fails to leave us in awe. Its Eurasian roots and a weak currency make it a cheap and stunning county to visit. During the weakest point of the Turkish Lira, you’ll get twice as much Lira per dollar than you would on other periods.

Overall, Turkey screams of culture and history. Don’t forget to spend a day or two in Istanbul to visit the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and the Topkapi Palace Museum.

As the home of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, we guarantee a historical trip around this country. Aside from sight-seeing, you can also cozy up in one of its Mediterranean beaches.

You can stay in one of the beach hostels here for less than $40 a night. If you’re more into experiences, you can get by in Turkey for just $50 a day on a decent lodge. 

Flights from New York to Istanbul are the cheapest options at around $449 each way. This can shoot up to $1,000 if you’re flying from a different location.

6.     Laos

If you want some peace and quiet without breaking the bank, consider going to Laos. It’s one of the least populated countries in Asia, and about 70% of its land is covered by forest. Laos is also a great place for trekking, mountain climbing, hot air ballooning, and zip-lining. All of these activities are dirt cheap you can afford to try it multiple times during your stay.

Nowadays, Laos is more accessible and is becoming more popular among tourists. Still, it hasn’t lost its rural vibe, a perfect place if you want to escape other noisy destinations.

However, you should know that Laos is a land-locked country, which means there are no beaches or shorelines here. Still, it’s one of the countries where the famous Mekong River passes through.

The cost of living in Laos is very affordable. A three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant for two only costs $20. 

If you’re on a long vacation, you can hop to Thailand, Vietnam, and even China. But before you leave, make sure that you’ve been to the epic waterfalls and the Gibbon Experience in Huay Xai.

7.     Argentina

Over the past months, Argentina has been experiencing economic troubles. As much as it’s a negative thing, it’s an opportunity for tourists to avail cheap travels. If you know where to stay, Argentina can be as cheap as most Asian countries we listed here. Although airfare from the U.S. to Argentina can cost as much as $900 to $1,000, your stay will be the best part.

You can rent private rooms here for just $25 a night. If you want to save some money, you can hop in one of the backpacker hostels for as low as $7 a night.

Going around Argentina is a total joy. Don’t miss the Foz do Iguacu, Torres del Paine, and the Patagonia Mountains region in the south.

For a thrifty traveler, $40 to $50 a day would suffice for a nice vacation in Argentina. If you want to save more money, rent a bike to go around the city. Also, traveling off-season will slash a significant amount from your travel expenses, not to mention you get to avoid the crowd.

8.     Mexico

If you don’t want to go too far, Mexico offers the nearest tropical experience. For beach lovers, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta are just some of the breath-taking places to visit. During the currency plunge, you can get more Mexican Peso in exchange for your dollars.

For just $40 to $60 a day, you can enjoy a tropical experience in Mexico. If you’re traveling with the family, you can find cheap packages to accommodate kids. However, if you want to splurge in Cancun, prepare around $100 for an all-inclusive package. You can chance upon $50 a day package during the off-season.

Aside from beaches, you can also do free stuff around Mexico City. You can visit the Palacio Nacional and see more art in free museums.

Hot tip: if you want to save money, eat like a Mexican. Main meals in Mexico are served from 2 pm to 4 pm. During this time, many restaurants offer the Comida Corrida. It’s a set meal with several courses, but with a very cheap price tag.

Also, if you are to book activities, book straight to the organizers. Middlemen often charge hefty fees, especially with foreign tourists.

9.     Indonesia

If island hopping is your thing, you can have the ultimate experience in Indonesia. This country has more than 17,000 islands with stunning shorelines and marine life. Airfare from the US to Indonesia ranges from $700 to $800.

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. But if you’re on a budget, you should consider other areas. Try Java, Lombok, or the Komodo Islands. Such less traveled islands offer better prices for a budget traveler.

The good thing about Indonesia is it offers a wide range of experiences. You can bask under the sun in one of their beaches or explore their jungles and savannahs. You can even check out their active volcanoes.

Like most Asian countries, you can get by around Indonesia for just $25 a day as long as you stay out of Bali. If you’re keen to experience the tropical indulgence in Bali, prepare $50 to $100 a day for your vacation.

For cheap excursions, you can take a tour around Yogyakarta to visit the famed Borobudur. If you want to stay close to nature, a trek on the Mount Bromo or Mount Rinjani is a one-of-a-kind experience. The view at the top is priceless, especially if you hike before sunset.

10.  Cuba

Rum, sun, and salsa – this is Cuba in a nutshell. After a US policy reversal, Cuba has become more accessible to tourists. Its Hispanic beauty is something we’ll never get tired of. For budget travelers, family-run casas are the best options. You can also see luxury hotels here, which are mostly state-run and built for high-spending visitors.

Just take note that internet access in Cuba is quite limited and the service can be very expensive. Unlike other destinations, Cuba doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi in private or public areas.

The poor internet reception is actually a good thing as it will push you to discover and enjoy the place. The Old Havana is one of the most photographed places here. If you want a day at the beach, head to the Cayo Largo del Sur.

In Cuba, you can have an enjoyable vacation for as low as $40 a day. Also, flights from the US to Cuba are cheap. You can find $400 seats or even $250 seats if you’re coming from Miami.


Taking a vacation abroad doesn’t have to be very expensive. There are many cheapest places to fly internationally that you can consider without compromising your comfort. Although some flights can be expensive, the cost of living within these places will not hurt your budget. Have you been to any of these countries? How’s your trip? Share your experiences with us in the comment section!