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In this blog, we provide financial tips, home improvement guides, side hustles, and other hacks to keep you smart on your day-to-day living. We started this website to help you make better decisions for you and your family.

When we first had the idea for Fan Bread, we have one goal in mind: to be as real as possible. So in every post that we publish, we see to it that we provide practical and do-able steps. From saving money, side hustles, travel, family, and more, we base everything on our personal experiences.

Our team is here to help you break bad spending habits one step at a time. We also extend our helping hand to parents and homeowners so they can spruce up their homes on a budget.

Aside from being financially-conscious individuals, we also love traveling. So for this blog, we also incorporated travel suggestions and how you can save enough money to realize your dream vacation.

We all have been there: empty bank accounts, maxed out credit cards, and monotonous jobs. Instead of wallowing in our defeat, we decided to rebuild ourselves. We’re now stabler than ever, and we were hoping you could get out of the same situation as we do. This is why we also talk about side hustles and how you should manage your money.

The key is not going turkey; it’s all about spending wisely. We also give product reviews in our blog so you can save more money while getting the best value from the market.

Regardless if you’re a struggling millennial, a busy parent, a workaholic, or a stay-at-home mom/dad, our blog has something to offer. And if you have topics that you want us to write about, feel free to send them in, and our team will try to accommodate.

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