7 Best LED Light Bulbs to Save Electricity at Home

Incandescent bulbs out, LED lights in.

LED lights are the latest craze in the lighting industry. It’s the most energy-efficient option, and it lasts longer than other options. So if you want to slash some bucks from your household expenses, you must switch to the best LED light bulbs to save electricity.

How energy-efficient are LED bulbs? We’ve been using an LED table lamp for 12 hours a day in three years, and it hasn’t bogged down yet. Here’s the catch, it’s only a 3-watt LED light, but its brightness can compete with a 15-watt fluorescent bulb. As you see, we got the same – or even more – lumens for less wattage and longer lifespan. Above all, LED bulbs are very affordable.

But which one should you buy? Depending on your needs, we recommend these seven best-selling options:

Philips Hue Smart Led Bulb Check Price
for General Lighting
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Great Eagle A19 9W LED Bulb Check Price
AmazonBasics Dimmable
LED Bulb
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Vgogfly Sensor LED
Light Bulbs
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Tenergy LED White
Light Bulb
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Aukora Sensor LED
Light Bulbs
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Benefits of using LED light bulbs

The best LED light bulbs to save electricity are a champ not just in the energy department, but also in other areas. The following are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you retrofit your home with these bulbs:


The biggest benefit of using LED lights is its energy-efficient characteristics. Overall, LED lights are about 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent counterparts. There’s only 5% wastage in LED lights, as 95% of all the electricity it uses is converted to light.

Also, LED lights produce more lighting power. In fact, your current 84-watt fluorescent lamp can be retrofitted with a 36-watt LED bulb. The two have the same level of light, but the latter uses less energy and produces less heat.

-Lasts longer than other bulbs

Unlike other light bulbs, LED offers a longer lifespan. On average, LED bulbs last six times longer than other options. This makes LED bulbs both a cost-efficient and eco-friendly choice.

Most LED bulbs nowadays are made to last up to 50,000 burn hours. This is 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and up to 10 times longer than CFLs or fluorescent lamps. If you use an LED bulb 8 hours a day, it will last for approximately 17 years!

-Available in a variety of colors

LED bulbs are also versatile in terms of color. Aside from white, you can also find violet, flaming red, blue, and amber. This is a favorite choice for decorative lighting, not to mention that you can use multiple bulbs without taxing your energy bills too much.

LED bulbs are also modern options since it’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


You can also find Smart LED bulbs that can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant. This way, you can set the operating hours of the bulb, change its hue, and control its dimness. Instead of traditional bulbs, Smart LED lights add more value to your home.

-Non-toxic (no UV emissions!)

Unlike old bulb technologies, LED lights emit little to no UV. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED doesn’t contain mercury and other dangerous substances. That makes LED lights easier to dispose of.

Buying Guide – Best LED Light Bulbs to Save Electricity


If you’re looking for the best LED light bulbs to save electricity, the first thing you have to check is the wattage. Many LED bulbs nowadays use 2 to 10 watts, though you can find higher ones with better lumens.

The higher the wattage, the brighter your LED bulb will be. If you want a more specific brightness gauge, below is a detailed breakdown of lumens in relation to the wattage of the bulb:

3 to 7 watts – Around 240 to 600 lumens
9 to 13 watts – 800 lumens
13 to 15 watts – 1000 lumens
18 to 25 lumens – 1,200 lumens
23 to 30 watts – 1,600 lumens


We always like LED bulbs with dimming options. Usually, Smart LED bulbs have this feature. You should always check the label first and its compatibility with your system. If you don’t have a dimming switch, you’d need to install one to enjoy this feature. This way, you can use your LED bulbs in lower watt settings if you don’t need much brightness.

-Bulb shape

Last but not the least, choose the right bulb shape that you need. Aside from the traditional bulb shape, LED lights are now available in strips, circular, flat bulbs, and more. This makes retrofitting the lights in your home more interesting. Usually, the shape is indicated as A19, E26, E27, and so on.

7 Best LED Light Bulbs to Save Electricity


OUR TOP PICK: Philips Hue Smart Led Bulb
best LED light bulbs to save electricity

Product Name: Philips Hue Smart Led Bulb

Product Description: One of the best LED light bulbs to save electricity is the Philips Hue Smart LED Bulb. This is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as Bluetooth and Zigbee. You can use up to 10 of these bulbs and control them in one single app: the Hue Bluetooth App. If you want to use up to 50 of these smart lights, you can do so using the Hue Hub. Each of these light bulbs has a 25,000-hour lifetime and an Energy-Star certification. You can integrate these bulbs in your Hue Ecosystem.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Brightness
  • Color Temperature
  • Burn Hours
  • Value for Money


The best thing about this Philips light is you can change the colors to suit the accent that you want. You can style up your home with these 10-watt, A19 bulbs.

Even though it’s a highly functional bulb, you don’t have to tinker with anything during installation. Just screw it in, and you’re good to go.


✔️Smart bulb compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant

✔️25,000-hour lifetime

✔️Versatile colors, dimmable


❌None so far


SYLVANIA LED Light for General Lighting

best LED light bulbs to save electricity

If you’re just looking for LED bulbs for general lighting, you’ll never go wrong with SYLVANIA LED Lights. This pack of 24 is very affordable. These bulbs have 8.5 watts, equivalent to 60 watts in incandescent bulbs. Overall, these LED lights offer 800 lumens and a lifespan of 11,000 hours.

These SYLVANIA LED bulbs have 2700 Kelvin, which produces a soft white light. This makes a perfect choice for your living room, nightstand, and dining room. You can also use this on your porch if you want clear but not blinding lights.

However, these lights aren’t dimmable and can’t be shipped to California. Still, it’s a cost-efficient choice, which only costs you about $1.02 per bulb each year.

It’s also shock and shatter-resistant. Most of all, these lights turn on in an instant – say goodbye to that endless flickering.

✔️Affordable pack of 24
✔️800 lumens
✔️Turns on instantly
❌Not dimmable

Great Eagle A19 9W LED Bulb

best LED light bulbs to save electricity

Another set that we recommend is the Great Eagle A19 9W LED Bulb. Each one of these bulbs uses 9 watts on its A19 shape. Also, each bulb has 25,000 hours of lifetime, which is twice longer than the SYLVANIA set.

You can use these 9-watt bulbs as replacements to your 60-watt incandescent bulb. It has a 2700-Kelvin white warm color that suits almost all parts of your home. It also turns on instantly, no need for warming or waiting for that flickering start.

This is also a very durable LED bulb since it can continue operating on extreme temperatures of as low as -4F (-20C).

We also like that this bulb is UL-listed. This means that it met the safety requirements of Underwriter Laboratories, one of the most acclaimed test labs in the world.

As general lighting LED bulb, this isn’t dimmable. This isn’t a big issue considering its cheap price.

✔️3 years warranty
✔️25,000 hours of burn time
❌Not dimmable

AmazonBasics Dimmable LED Bulb

best LED light bulbs to save electricity

If you’re looking for affordable general lighting LED bulbs, you should consider the AmazonBasics 6-Pack LED bulbs. This is dimmable and uses 10.5 watts of power on its 2,700 Kelvin color temperature. It’s equivalent to 60 watts on incandescent lamps.

Aside from that, each of these bulbs has 800 lumens and a maximum burn time of 15,000 hours. If used for three hours a day, these bulbs will last for 13 years.

It’s a very economical choice for your home. For just $1.26 a year, you can enjoy clear and cost-efficient lighting. This is also the perfect light for reading, writing, and lighting up your living room.

Overall, we love its A19 construction, though it’s way larger than some of its counterparts. Just take note that this light only shines in one direction.

Overall, this gives excellent value for your money. You can also get it in daylight and clear colors.

✔️15,000 hours of burn time
✔️Affordable 6-pack lights
❌A little larger than other bulbs

Vgogfly Sensor LED Light Bulbs

Sensor lights? Look no further with the Vogogfly LED Light Bulbs. This bulb has the dusk to dawn feature, which turns the light on automatically when it starts to get dark. And during dawn, it will turn off once it senses light. This way, you won’t forget to turn your lights on and off, especially during a busy day.

At less than 15 LUX, the bulb will turn on. Once the sun shines, it will turn off by at least 30 LUX.

These are 7-watt bulbs that are guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption without compromising its brightness. Just take note that this is an E26/E27 bulb.

This light works in a 2,700 Kelvin color temperature with 600-lumen brightness. We also like that this bulb has a long lifetime, thanks to its LED chip that meets cooling requirements so the lights won’t get busted easily.

Upon purchase, this bulb is covered by the 12-month replacement guarantee. 

✔️Dusk to dawn feature
✔️12-month replacement guarantee
✔️7-watt, high-lumen operation
❌Less contrast

Tenergy LED White Light Bulb

If you want 5000K daylight brightness, we recommend the Tenergy LED White Bulb. It’s a pack of 16, with each one using 9 watts of power. It has an E26 shape with medium standard bases. It’s durable and has no breakable parts.

Aside from that, you’ll get 750 lumens on each of these Tenergy bulbs. And with the daylight color temperature, this will be a perfect choice for your living room, kitchen, and other large areas. This bulb spots a 220-degree beam angle for better lighting.

We like that these bulbs don’t flicker and have zero glares that cause eye fatigue. This is also UL-listed and certified to have met safety standards. Aside from that, this set is covered by the brand’s three-year warranty.

With just a single pack, you can get the best LED light bulbs to save electricity. Aside from daylight color temperature, you can also get this Tenergy set in soft white color.

✔️5000K daylight color temp
✔️220-degree angle beam
✔️UL-listed w/ 3-year warranty
❌There’s a rattling sound when you shake the bulb (doesn’t affect performance)

Aukora Sensor LED Light Bulbs

Another sensor bulb that we recommend is the 2-pack set from Aukora. These two sensor bulbs use 12 watts of electricity on its 1,000-lumen operation. For those who are looking for the brightest bulb in the market, this might be a perfect choice. The Aukora Sensor LED Bulb has 6500K of color temperature.

This is a good option as an outdoor light or as lighting fixtures for your living room. Aside from that, this has a dusk to dawn feature. At about 15 LUX, the bulb will turn on, and it will turn off once the surrounding light is at 40 LUX.

Overall, these sensor LED bulbs produce light equivalent to 100-watt incandescent bulbs. The biggest difference is it works with 75% less energy consumption. Aside from that, each of these Aukora bulbs will last for up to 30,000 hours of burn time.

This is compatible with E27 and E26 sockets. Also, you can get this in cool white and warm white colors.

✔️1,000 lumens with 6500K color temp
✔️Dusk to dawn feature
✔️30,000 hours of burn time
❌Not ideal for all areas


The best LED light bulbs to save electricity are a great way to slash your energy bill. Aside from that, you’re doing the environment a big favor. So if you’re planning to change things up at home, consider buying new LED bulbs. Who knows, you may also qualify for tax credits if you get Energy-Star LED bulbs!