10 Best Travel Items for Long Flights – Essentials You Should Have!

Long-haul flights are never easy, especially if you have kids in tow. Unless you’re flying first class, the economy seating will offer minimal comfort during the strenuous hours of flying across the globe. Despite that, you can ease your inconvenience by bringing the best travel items for long flights. Most of these items are cheap, but will make a big difference in your long, boring trips on a plane.

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1.     Headphones

best travel items for long flights

Kids crying and shouting to no end can really get into your nerves during a flight. Also, staring at the cramped corners of the plane will bore you to death. Instead of enduring the 10-hour or so flight, you might as well bring noise-canceling headphones.

We highly recommend the Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-Canceling Headphones. It’s wireless so you wouldn’t have to deal with cable clutter, plus it’s Alexa voice-controlled. This is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This pair of headphones utilize a proprietary noise rejecting technology and Bose AR (augmented reality) to shut the noise from the outside. With this on, even the shout of a kid won’t bother you.

It’s a little splurgy, but when it comes to headphones, you’ll get what you pay for. The Bose QuietComfort has complete and convenient controls to keep you entertained during long flights.

✔️Bose AR for noise cancellation
✔️Alexa voice-controlled
❌A little pricey

2.     Travel pillow

best travel items for long flights

Of course, you wouldn’t want to hop on a plane without a good pillow. Every traveler knows how important this item is, especially if you’re not flying first or business class. You wouldn’t want to keep bobbing your head everywhere during the flight.

We recommend the Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow. It’s made of 100% pure foam with no flame retardants and other harmful chemicals. It’s wrapped with a plush velour cover that’s very comfy to the skin.

This travel pillow has a raised lobe design for added neck support on each side. It also has a side pocket where you can secure your phone while you dose off.

Aside from the travel pillow, the package includes earplugs and an adjustable sleep mask. The pillow itself has a drawstring that allows you to tighten the foam around your neck.

✔️Lifetime replacement guarantee
✔️Compact travel set
✔️Made of pure foam
❌A little big for small users

3.     Inflatable footrest

best travel items for long flights

One of our pet peeves during a long flight is aching feet. Long trips will make your feet crampy, especially if you’re a short person. With this, an inflatable footrest comes handy. This way, you can elevate your feet and have an extra cushion as you cozy up on your seat.

If you’re looking for one, don’t hesitate to check the HZQDLN Travel Foot Rest. It’s a set of two inflatable cushions that comes with a hand pump. You can adjust the inflation of the cushion to suit the height that you want.

This inflatable footrest can fit on the legroom of most airplanes. Aside from being a footrest, you can also use this as a makeshift bed for your toddler.

This inflatable footrest is available in blue and gray colors and solo packs.

✔️Comes with a hand pump
✔️Fits most airline legroom
✔️Doubles as a bed for toddlers
❌Takes effort to fill with air

4.     Reading materials

best travel items for long flights

During a long flight, you’d like to bring anything that will keep you entertained. And for book worms, their long trip won’t be complete without something to read. However, bring a thick novel book on your carry-on might consume a lot of space.

This is why we recommend that you bring a Kindle Paperwhite with you. It’s the thinnest Kindle device available nowadays and with bigger storage space. You can choose between 8 GB or 32 GB, based on how many books you want to download for your trip.

Aside from that, the Kindle Paperwhite has 300 PPI, glare-free display. It’s now equipped with Audible, too, so you can listen to audiobooks using a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

The Kindle Paperwhite is also made waterproof. So if you plan to read by the beach, you can do so without worrying about ruining your gadget.

✔️Long-lasting battery
✔️Larger storage space
❌None so far

5.     Blanket

The last thing you want to happen is forgetting a wrap during a long flight. You should always bring a blanket that you can easily fold and tuck away when it’s time to move. Some bring a scarf, but it may not be big and thick enough to keep you comfortable.

If you’re still shopping for a blanket, we recommend the BlueHills Soft Long Travel Blanket. It’s made from an ultra-plush material that’s both soft and warm. And since it’s oversized, you’re guaranteed comfortable coverage during your flight.

This blanket also comes with a plush carrying case. You simply fold it and stash it back to the case. The case has a carabiner so you can attach it to your bag. 

Aside from that, this blanket is available in a variety of colors like gray, pink, blue, blue-green, and so on.

✔️Extra-large for comfort
✔️Thick and plush
✔️Comes with a case and a clip
❌Not the most compact choice

6.     Eye mask

You don’t plan to stay awake during the whole flight, do you? This is why you should bring a nice eye mask or blindfold. Airplanes don’t always turn the lights off. Instead of losing sleep because of this, you must be armed with an eye mask.

You can get the Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask. It’s a sleep aid and a relaxer made from pure mulberry silk on each side. It’s breathable, soft, and very comfortable.

This comes with a band that doesn’t get tangled with your hair. The strap also stays at the back of your head and not on your temples. You can also wear earplugs or headphones with this eye mask on. It also fits comfortably with a CPAP mask.

Once on, this gives a total blackout benefit. You can easily sleep the flight hours away.

✔️Made of super-soft silk
✔️Total blackout
✔️Fits comfortably
❌Not the best choice for people with large heads

7.     Power bank

One of the things you shouldn’t forget while traveling is bringing a power bank with you. This way, you have a portable power source if your phone dies or if you need to recharge your Kindle. Power banks are must-haves if you’re traveling with kids and using gadgets to distract them from the long flight.

Remember, though, that power banks have different capacities. We always recommend getting one that can store as much power as possible.

Don’t miss the RAVPower Portable Power Bank. It has a 22,000 mAh capacity that can charge an iPhone X 4.9 times and a Galaxy S8 about 4.4 times. However, this power bank doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge. Still, it allows triple-device charging and adjusts the output automatically.

The best thing about the RAVPower is it keeps 80% of its charge even after 500 charge and discharge cycles.

✔️Made of high-density Li-Polymer battery
✔️Large capacity
✔️Triple-device charging
❌Quite larger than other power banks
Check RAVPower Power Bank on Amazon

8.     Collapsible water bottle

As much as you can ask for water from the cabin crew, it’s always ideal to have some handy on your carry-on. And instead of bringing a bulky tumbler, we recommend that you get a collapsible water bottle.

Collapsible water bottles can be retracted, so it will not consume too much space in your bag once it’s empty. It’s the best choice if you’re traveling light.

One of the best options is the Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle. It’s made from food-grade and BPA-free platinum silicone. It’s also FDA-approved as a drinking container. This is an excellent bottle for both cold and hot drinks since it’s made to endure temperatures between -40F and 446F. Still, it’s only advisable for drinks that aren’t hotter than 140F to prevent skin burns

When filled, this bottle can hold 550 ml of liquid with a weight of 198 grams. When empty, it can be collapsed to 5.5 inches from its full size of 9.8 inches.

✔️Shatter-proof and flexible
✔️Ideal for cold and hot drinks
❌You should replace the carabiner clip that comes with it

9.     Compression socks

A long flight can compromise the circulation on your legs. The pressure changes will also make your cramps worse. Before you become uncomfortable, we recommend having a compression gear ready. A pair of compression socks will go a long way in keeping you cozy.

We recommend the Travelsox Original Graduated Compression Socks. It’s made of 75% silver Drystat, 15% Lycra, and 10% nylon. It provides 12-20 mmHg of graduated compression that starts from your midfoot up. This supports the plantar ligament to promote circulation.

The polypropylene fabric of these socks is infused with silver for added anti-bacterial properties. It also contains Bisphenol, a safe drying material. This will keep your feet odor-free.

You can get this pair of travel socks in various colors and prints.

✔️Silver Drystat material for comfort
✔️Provides graduated pressure
✔️Boosts circulation, used by athletes
❌A little thick, be careful with the shoe option

10.  Underseat bag

To bring all of these items, you need a carry-on bag that can fit under your seat. We recommend checking with your airline as the rules for underseat bags vary widely. Make sure that you get the right dimensions to prevent any hiccups on your boarding.

For the most part, the Samsonite Wheeled Underseater can fit on most airline seats. It’s made of nylon and poly blend with a zipper enclosure, telescoping handle, and wheeled construction.

Its inline skate wheels have ball bearings and minimized friction so you can have it in tow without pulling. Aside from its main storage, this Samsonite underseat bag has a WetPak zippered compartment where you can secure soiled or damp items like a soaked towel, sweaty socks, etc.

It has lots of zippers and compartments inside. You’ll never run out of storage options with this bag.

✔️Multiple compartments
✔️Wheeled construction
✔️Fits under most airline seats
❌The handle runs short for users above 6’ tall

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a good idea to bring homemade food to a long flight?

A: If you want a taste of home during your long-haul flights, you can still bring homemade food. However, pack it properly to prevent leaks. We recommend resealable containers. Also, use transparent plastic so the security can quickly check it without opening.

Q: Can I still use my phone during a flight?

A: Yes, but there would be limited activities. First, all your communication would be through an in-cabin Wi-Fi connection. You can text and make calls only through the Wi-Fi connection. Also, some airline and local rules may demand its passengers to put their phones in airplane mode. We recommend that you check with the specific airline you’re flying in to be sure.

Q: What should I avoid wearing on a long flight?

A: Complicated boots, contact lenses, tight clothing, perfume, and revealing clothes are strongly discouraged when boarding a plane, especially during long flights. It’s all a matter of comfort and respect for other passengers.

Q: What items are not allowed in checked baggage?

A: Items like aerosol sprays, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, baseball bats, blades, and other deadly weapons aren’t allowed on your carry-on baggage. On the other hand, some items like baby food will be allowed only on a specific amount.

Q: What are some of the toys that will keep kids busy on long flights?

A: You can give your kids a new toy (don’t choose a noisy one!), card games, books, gadgets, a camera, coloring supplies, and even headphones. Avoid items that will cause noise and bother other passengers.


Long-haul flights aren’t the most fun thing to be in. But with the best travel items for long flights, you can make it more worthwhile. Make sure that you pack these essentials to survive hours of flying.