What to See when Traveling Through Oakland

Over the years, we have heard of many instances of people visiting a place for so long that they eventually decide to take the plunge and move there. It’s not an unreasonable idea; you already know you like the area and have found things to do for all those years.

If it’s now time to retire, or if you just need a new spot where you can work that cool remote job you have, why not head to a familiar place?

Maybe you’ve been passing in and out of Oakland, California, for so long that you’re now in the market for Oakland houses for sale. If so, that’s awesome, because Oakland, to our minds, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. And not just because of the temperate climate.

There’s also plenty to do and see. Let’s check out three of those here for those still making up their minds.

Oakland bridge

Oakland Museum of California

If you want to get deeper into the roots of the actual city where you’ll be living, you’ll want to check out the Oakland Museum of California. Through special exhibits and its permanent artifact collection, you can learn about the history of California, the city of Oakland, the natural areas of the state, and particularly the historic and political background of Oakland’s African American community.

Anyone interested in a taste of Oakland culture and history, and that of the larger California, should check out this museum!

Redwood Regional Park

Head out of the bustling downtown area of Oakland to reach Redwood Regional Park, where, you guessed it, you can check out California’s famous redwood trees. Some of these are well over 100 feet tall and allow plenty of space for hiking, reflecting, and photo-taking.

You won’t have to worry about damage coming to the redwood forest; this is protected land that’s been set aside for conservation. Walk the trails, camp in the campground, and just enjoy a day here. You won’t regret it.

Morcom Rose Garden

While we’re on the subject of natural beauty, the last item on our list is the Morcom Rose Garden. It’s not one of the main attractions you might think of in Oakland, as it’s hidden in a somewhat obscure little section of the city, but don’t let that fool you.

The Morcom Rose Garden is just as it sounds, a beautiful outdoor area devoted exclusively to rose gardens. The roses here are of all kinds and colors, and visitors can walk among the paths, taking pictures and enjoying the solitude. The best time to visit the gardens is in spring and early summer since that’s when the flowers are in bloom.

No matter how long you’ve been visiting Oakland, there’s always plenty more to see. If you’re moving here, we hope you enjoy some of these sights!