What Are the Most Expensive Plumbing Issues and How to Deal With Them

Maintaining your house, regardless of whether you own it or not, is an expensive task. Sometimes, there are tiny fix-ups that spring up here and there. Other times, you have massive problems which can take lots of money and effort to fix. Unfortunately, most of these issues are always related to plumbing as these have the worst impact on your house, and the results are difficult to manage.

It’s always good to stay ahead of the curve and know the most expensive plumbing issues to ensure that you don’t let them happen in your house.

Leaking Faucets

To you, a leaky faucet is just a constant noise you hear and dismiss because why pay a plumber for a day’s work just for one faucet. But, leaking faucets will indirectly cost you a whole lot of money because it will run up your water bill.

Every drop is your hard-earned money being wasted due to negligence. The increase in your water bill won’t be seen every month, but more of a yearly difference, either way, doesn’t ignore leaky faucets.

Leaking water drops from faucet

Running Toilets

Another cause of a high water bill is a running toilet and is not to be ignored. It can mean there are more significant problems with your toilet, so while you overlook this one, bigger trouble may be brewing. Fixing this doesn’t cost much as there isn’t a major replacement, but it’s best not to try anything yourself and get a professional plumber to have a look at it.

Clogged Sewage Line

A clogged drain itself is a handful and can ruin your day plans. Imagine if your sewage system gets backed up and clogged. Out of all the most expensive plumbing issues,      this one takes the cake. If you witness any signs of this, you must immediately call a professional for help. Most of the time, access to sewage lines is not possible for civilians, and you must have to contact your city’s sewage control department for help.

Either way, the safest and inexpensive bet is to go with a professional as only they will know how to clean the blockage without causing further damage.

Low Water Pressure

Visibility may not be a concern because it’s just less water right, how can that be harmful? The reason behind low water pressure is what you have to worry about. It’s likely to be a sign of leaking pipes or faulty water systems. The best way to make sure you don’t suffer from any water issues is to check your water pressure constantly.

Slow Draining in Sink or Tub

If water isn’t flowing quickly or naturally down your drain, it is cause for concern. Water should not stagnate at all, even for 3-5 seconds. Stagnating water is bad for you and your family members; it is a sign that not all is okay with your pipes, and there is a blockage that must be addressed.

Ideally, if it is a small clog, you can remove it yourself with a plunger or snake, but if you cannot assess the situation enough to tell how big the clog is, get professional help. You could make it a larger clog by trying to do it yourself, better to read up on how to unclog a drain before trying anything correctly.

Old Fixtures and Pipes

The first thing you must do before you move into a new house is to check the plumbing because you don’t want to carry forward the issues of the previous tenants/owners. Old pipes and water fixtures that are left unchecked can cause massive issues at a later stage. Doing an audit of the water system is a must.

Blocked Garbage Disposal

These appliances are handy, but if you overstuff them and put items that cannot be disposed of, it becomes troublesome. Do not put silverware or banana peels and other such items that are difficult to grind.

Mostly, when you hit the reset button for the disposal, it will do the trick. But, if that doesn’t work, the unit has to be opened up. Things can get a little complicated, so do things under the guidance of a professional or hire one to do the work for you. Since the disposal has motors and other delicate parts, it should be handled with utmost care.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are a messy affair, primarily if you aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences. Clogged toilets cannot be predicted, which is why it’s good to have habits wherein you don’t flush things down the toilet often.

Toilet paper and other items should be disposed of properly in the trash bin. If your toilet is clogged, don’t continue to keep flushing it; otherwise, you will flood your entire toilet, and that can become more expensive for you.

These are the most expensive plumbing issues that certified and local plumbers best handle.