15 Things You Can Make and Sell on Etsy

If you’re a crafty person who’s looking for an extra income, Etsy is the perfect platform for you. Unlike other e-commerce websites, Etsy is a market for handcrafted, vintage, and personalized items. It’s been in operation since 2005 and has a 2-million strong seller network. This is aside from the whopping 39.5 million buyers who look for unique items on the platform. So for this post, we will give you some ideas on the things you can make and sell on Etsy. Who knows, your hobby may soon become your major source of income!

How much money can I make on Etsy?

things you can make and sell on Etsy

It all depends on the items you’re selling and your marketing prowess. Let’s say you have a $25 item and you get to sell three pieces a day on average. With a production cost of $15 per piece, you’ll have a daily profit of $30 per day. However, you still have to factor in taxes.

Safe to say, a beginner can make enough money to pay the electricity bill during the first months of selling on Etsy.

Hobbyists are happy to make an extra $50 a month. Meanwhile, others pursue this craft and make it their full-time job, especially if the demand for their products is high.

How Etsy works

Before we dive into the things you can make and sell on Etsy, you must know how this platform works.

To sell on Etsy, you need to create an online shop inside it. First, you need to register to come up with a virtual shop. After that, you’ll be prompted to “Open a Shop” where you have to choose a name, set your language, and start listing your items.

If you have a background with other e-commerce platforms, there’s only a little work needed to be done in setting up your Etsy shop. For newbies, it can get a little tricky in setting up shipping fees and methods, prices, and advertising fees.

Take note that in Etsy, photography is a skill that pays. You should know how to present your products to entice buyers. Also, come up with a brand that your patrons can easily recognize. Aside from that, you can use social media platforms for marketing your items.

Now that you have a little background of Etsy, let’s decide which items will bring decent income to your bank account.

15 Things You Can Make and Sell on Etsy

1.     Candles

things you can make and sell on Etsy

If you don’t want crafts that take too much time and effort to create, you can start making candles. Handmade candles with various scents are a big hit in Etsy. Make sure that you place it in handcrafted containers for added aesthetic factors. You can consider mason jars, fancy tin cans, and glasses.

You can also create transparent candles with various leaves and flowers embedded in it. This way, the candle doubles as a scented item and a decorative piece.

Candle making is fairly cheap since you only need wax, some essential oils, wicks, and a nice container. If you have the extra budget and time, you can create a candle lantern.  

2.     Soap

Just like candles, soap isn’t as demanding as the other crafts you can find on Etsy. If you have a personal recipe that you like, you can turn it into a money-maker by selling it online.

Many people are obsessed with homemade soaps. Just make sure that yours is organic, free of harsh chemicals, and infused with various natural extracts. Beautiful colors will also seal the deal together with a crafty label and packaging.

The only challenge with soap making is you have to ensure that it suits a variety of skin types. You should also be careful in preparing this item to guarantee quality. 

3.     Personalized stickers

If you have a knack for design, you can sell customized stickers. It could be bumper stickers or laptop stickers with witty lines or cute designs. Take note that you have to invest in quality sticker paper and printer for this item.

Stickers always have a crowd, which is the reason why it’s one of the bestselling items on Etsy. Another good thing about stickers is that buyers often purchase it in bulk or large amounts.

You can also offer package deals of stickers and other stationery supplies. Many people will surely go back to your shop, especially if you continue to release new designs. 

4.     Jewelry

You don’t have to sell golden necklaces or earrings. If you have a jewelry making kit, you can design some earrings, necklaces, and bracelets using colorful beads. Make sure that your pieces are durable and not very common.

So far, jewelry shares a big market in Etsy. You just have to get a supply of beautiful beads, buttons, and charms to craft your pieces.

Aside from the jewelry piece, we recommend procuring aesthetic packaging for each one. Use cute boxes so buyers can send it as a gift to someone. Also, good packaging will make your jewelry look authentic and premium.

5.     Custom shirts

There’s a never-ending demand for clothes. If you can shell out a larger capital, we recommend trying custom shirts as your product. As buyers, we love statement shirts with unique and funny designs. Always aim for the Millenials as they will not think twice about buying a funny shirt they see online.

To create custom shirts, you need to partner with a reliable printing service. You should ensure that their printing quality will last long as you can use this as a sales pitch later on.

Also, always invest in quality shirts. It will also help if your shirts are made of special fabric like hemp or bamboo.

6.     Unique posters

Posters still have a place in Etsy. Unlike your idea of boy band posters, we recommend creating inspirational posters. We love tabletop posters that come in a sleek frame. It’s a decorative piece and adds a nice vibe to the room.

The challenge here is coming up with your own style and content. But if you love designing and have tons of ideas for this item, you’ll surely have a prolific time in Etsy. Besides, Pinterest is always around to inspire some ideas.

7.     Baby bows

Parents with new babies are obsessed with cute items that they can buy for their little ones. Baby bows are one of the best examples of this. Aside from that, baby bows are very easy to make.

Look for well-designed fabrics that you can turn into fancy ribbons. You’ll attach these ribbons into a clip, making an adorable little accessory.

Make sure that each bow is crafted seamlessly. A lousy piece may sell, but it would be in exchange for an ugly review of your shop.

Play with colors and designs. You can also use cartoon characters and other baby ideas for this item.

8.     Keychains

No matter how many keychains you have, you’ll still end up buying another cute one. If you’re selling jewelry, you can also make keychains on the side. You can make colorful tassel keychains at home then sell it on Etsy.

Make sure that the keychain is versatile and can be used on handbags and accessories. Steer clear of typical keychain souvenirs you’ll see on various attractions.

9.     Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are also a big thing. You have to be creative to come up with designs that will sell. Some use quotations and motivational lines.

Aside from that, you can create miniature versions of things or a ref magnet that doubles as a bottle opener. Another great idea here is a fridge magnet puzzle. It will surely spice up the classic magnets you’ll see in the market.

Lego magnets are also a great idea as well as a digiframe that can project images.

You can also exploit the weakness of pet lovers by making cute dog or cat magnets.

10.  Customized dog collars

Speaking of dogs, customized dog collars are a big thing online. You can offer a customization service for the handcrafted dog collar that the buyer will choose. They can have the option to put their dog’s name or other details on it. This level of customization is always a sellout online.

Offer a variety of colors on your personalized dog collars. Also, come up with something that other dog collars don’t have. It could be customized name printing or aesthetic design.

Anything customized will appeal online. Paired with proper marketing and quality products, you can make good money out of this side hustle. 

11.  Pet pillows

Pet pillows are becoming a big thing on Etsy. It’s a great send-off gift to a college freshman who can’t bring their pets with them or simply a pet lover. This works by printing the image of the pet onto the pillowcase. It can be shaped into a dog, cat, or just the classic rectangular pillow.

The best part here is that the buyer can send the photo he or she wants to be used for the pillow. You can also offer personalized pillows if the buyer wants to print an image of a person and other things.

Like selling custom shirts, you need to partner with a decent printing service. Also, use high-quality pillows.

12.  Purses

One of the things you can make and sell on Etsy is coin purses. There’s a large market for purses on Etsy. As long as yours is aesthetic and crafted seamlessly, you can sell these items for some extra income.

Fruity purses are a trend nowadays, together with other patterns. Personally, we can’t get enough of patterned purses, even though we already have a few.

Make purses that are large enough to fit lipsticks, nail polish, and some bills. However, avoid making it too big. It should be good enough to clutch in one hand without being too bulky. Also, don’t forget to put a strap enough to accommodate the wrist.

13.  Cactus rocks

If you love painting rocks and you’re good at it, you can make cactus rocks. This is very simple, and your main capital is your creativity, long-lasting paint, and some rocks.

Take note that this item isn’t just about painting rocks; you should also make it appear realistic. You need elongated rocks, a crafty pot, and some pebbles to go with it. This is a very decorative item that will add flair on an office table or a countertop.

Aside from cactus rocks, you can also offer complimentary items like pot options, synthetic flowers, and so on.

14.  Custom terra cotta pots

Custom terra cotta pots are a big hit among gardeners. You can design the pots and do some calligraphy to add a unique quotation on it. These items are great centerpieces on tables or decorations around the house.

Unlike typical pots, yours should stand out. This way, you can sell and stay relevant in the Etsy platform. Always offer a variety of colors, sizes, and even customization services. Let your buyers customize their own pots and execute it for them.

15.  Beach bags/totes

If you have the skill of sewing, you can make tote bags for the beach. Like purses, look for cool patterns or print ideas. If you can, offer customization options to your customers. You can let them choose the design, and you’ll make it for them.

Drawstring bags are also fast-selling as long as it has good quality. These totes are great gift ideas and will surely have a big market share as the holidays or summer season approaches.

Handcrafted bags always stand out due to the work needed to finish a piece. It’s also a great sales pitch in Etsy.

Final words

There are many things you can make and sell on Etsy. What matters is you offer quality and value for money. From being a hobby, you can turn your pastime into a profitable practice. You just need extra patience, effort, and small capital to get started.

Have you tried selling your crafts on Etsy? Share your experience with us in the comment section!