Good Paying Stay at Home Jobs for Moms

Good paying stay at home jobs for moms is one of the most lucrative ways that mommies can do to earn extra money at home.

If you are a mom who is having a tight budget and wondering what are some of the good-paying stays at home jobs that you can do then you must browse more on our list.  

The trickiest things about being a stay at home mom are there is no lot of time in doing other extra things, literally, it is not just about money tight but the time is also tight.  

Generally, when you are into this situation the best option you can do is to find ways how you can bring and make money at home while spending your time with your kids and family.  

With that said, working at home will be the best solution to your problem. There are literally tons of paid survey opportunities for a mom like you that can adjust to fit in your busy schedule.   

Here, I will share with you the 16 good stays at home jobs for moms that you must try to optimize your time and your income.  So, without further ado, let’s get started!  

good paying stay at home jobs for moms

Reselling Online Products   

The easiest good-paying stay at home mom job that you can start at home is reselling anything online, In terms of making money through this business, all you have to do is look for a bargain or garage sale or anything you can buy below its market value and try to sell them online like on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist Shopify or any of the online shop website at a fair market value.   

There are different versions of reselling which you can literally also do. Meanwhile, to have more income keep in mind that you need to continue reinvesting and take those initial profit that you’ve earned, put it back into your inventory so you can able to buy even more products or more expensive items with higher resale value.   

There is no age requirement for doing this kind of work or business as long as you know how to research or buy a product with low market value and sell them at fair market value you can probably start up your own home-based reselling online shops and earn a decent income.  

Online Private Tutor   

Another great good-paying stay at home mom job is being a private tutor. If you are a teacher or even not a teacher with a teaching experience this is the best business for you. In terms of making money, you just need to have an aptitude for teaching or making learning easier. Apart from making money, you can also get the satisfaction of helping children’s futures.   

Having a background in education is very helpful in this good-paying stay at home job but not necessary. As long as you enjoy teaching and have a passion for helping your students to learn probably the private tutor business will be a rewarding career for you.  

Content Creator   

One of the most favorite in-demand jobs and businesses when making money or passive income online is content creation. Content creators’ aids in the contribution of information to any social media platforms, they have the responsibility to provide and create honest constant and engaging content that reaches the lives of their viewers and subscribers.    

By creating multiple different pieces of content for a blog article or YouTube videos with proper support good content will potentially bring you an income from the affiliate marketing or advertising or any method you used.    

If you are a mom with skills in creating content you can earn a good income working at home in this highly attractive career whose demand has started up automatically in recent years.    

Freelance Writing    

Another excellent good-paying stay at home mom job is putting yourself into freelancing business, by providing a service or writer skills online for business owners will give you a guarantee of making money online.   

There are contents need in every niche, people who need their works done are willing to pay freelancers.   

The way of making money on this business is to be dedicated and creating a good reputation. If you do have those specific skills this business will be a great business for you.  

Graphic Design    

Another popular good-paying stay at home mom job is being in graphic design. Many business owners need graphic designers who can help them in creating designs for their logos, posters, advertisements, websites or anything about promoting their business products or services.   

If you are a mom with creative minds and skills for manipulating designs or graphics you can make money from home by selling your expertise as a graphic designer.  

Facebook Ad Manager  

Another great good-paying stay at home mom job is being a Facebook Ad Manager wherein you just need to create Facebook ads on behalf of a business entrepreneur.  

In terms of making money on this business, what you have to do is providing them assistance in creating, managing, optimizing and running Facebook Ads.   

In addition, you should also need to know some of the necessary basic vocabularies in setting up Facebook ads such as the campaign which is the structural element in launching your ads, the ad sets where all the magic happens which is where you find the target of the ads and lastly is the ad which is actually the picture, the video and the text that the end-users see on Facebook when they are browsing their newsfeed.   

If you are a mom with a piece of knowledge on how to run and create ads this business is the best business that you should start at home. With a simple, targeted and well-thought offer for some business owners the results and potential rewards of having this business are well worth the initial effort.    

Online Consultant   

One of the most profitable good-paying stays at home mom’s job is being a consultant.  

Many business entrepreneurs are looking for a consultant who can help them, give them information, the right advice, guidance and support that they need into their businesses to achieve the results that they’re looking for.   

A lot of consultants spend a lot of their time diagnosing the cause of organizations and biggest challenges.    

By helping an organization find new opportunities, rethink their business, identify ways to grow both now and grow further in the future and find solutions to their problems.   

Basically, by providing tailored solutions to those problems and improve performance organization strategies which can boost efficiency and help them come up with innovative products or services.   

If you are an individual who is good at giving a piece of professional advice to business owners who are entering a new market or improving the effectiveness of their current business then starting this business is really for you.  

Youtuber or Blogger   

The most popular good-paying stays at home mom job that will help you have a passive income and can help you keeping money online continuously are being Youtuber or blogger.  

By creating and posting videos with a variety of eye-catching content and maybe put ads to run on to make it business can lead you to be a professional blogger on   

Since every laptop, tablet, computer and smartphone equip with a built-in camera anyone can create videos and posting them to YouTube. Running a YouTube channel is easy, flexible and fun however it takes time and it takes a lot of hard work.   

If you are a mom who has knowledge that you want to share which are incredibly charismatic then you can start profiting from your vlogs through ads.  

Digital Marketer  

Amongst all the online work, there are the most good-paying stays at home mom jobs that you must consider trying.  

In terms of making money, you just need to help other companies to market their products and reach their target market.   

In order to do that, you thoroughly need to understand what your client’s business is, who their target customers are and how you can help them. In this way, you aligned into their goals, proposed them ways on how you can help them based on the research you do and help them grow their business.  

Online Business Manager  

One of the most in-demand good-paying stays at home mom job is being an online business manager.   

By managing the business of business entrepreneurs who don’t have time to some of their business structured and productivity will give you a great opportunity in earning money online.   

In order to do that, you just need to understand what your client’s business needs and help them structure or keep their business run smoothly.   

If you are a mom who has a business background on online business management this would definitely work for you.   


Other great good-paying stays at home mom jobs are being a transcriptionist.  

By listening to audio and typing what you are hearing will give you an opportunity to earn money online.  

If you are a mom with good hearing ears and fast typing skills this job might be perfect for you.  

Search Engine Evaluator  

These are one of the simplest but good-paying stays at home mom job opportunities that you might consider.  

In terms of making money, you just need to do searching on the online web and provide some feedback.  

In this job you just need computer basic skills, if you are a mom who has a high interest in searching this will be a good choice for you.  

Web Tester   

Another good paying stays at home a mom job is being a Web Testers.  

By visiting different companies and giving your feedback base on your own experience as you browse through their website will give you the opportunity to earn money online.  

In this job you are required to take a video recording of sorts of what you do while browsing and testing the website.  

If you are a mom who has skills in testing websites and taking video is your interest this will suit you.  

Data Entry Specialist   

These are one of the most flexible good-paying stays at home mom job opportunities because the tasks are very easy you just need to type some information and you do not need to be on phone worrying when you have your children making some noise on the background.  

In terms of making money, you just need to take any information such as company files or applications and enter it to the computer database system or any applications your client use.   

In this job you do not need any experience in doing this but having experience will be a big plus to your upcoming clients.  

Social Media Manager  

Other on-demand good-paying stays at home mom jobs are being a social media manager.  

By helping the business entrepreneurs to handle their social media accounts doing schedule posting, sharing, creating hashtags, giving feedbacks or any other stuff on their social media accounts will give you an easy way of earning money online.  

If you are a mom good at social media management then this might fit you.  

Virtual Assistant   

One of the most perfect good-paying stays at home mom job you should start today, by providing a highly developed skill, training and experience in administrative support and technical services to assist entrepreneurs virtually will give you the opportunity to help them for the growing their business and make you earn money online.   

Virtual assistants work remotely for other independent business owners and provide tasks such as data entry, answering emails, calendar management, scheduling appointments, and other administrative supports.   

Providing and giving those busy professionals across the globe with those specific skills they need into their business is a successful way for you in earning money online by starting up this kind of business at home.    

good-paying stay at home mom job
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When you are a mom with young kids ages 1 to 5 years old or especially if you still have a baby, it can be difficult to find time to earn while taking care of them at the same time, however, there are tons of opportunities out there that offer a mom with young children to work from their home with flexible hours and can literally fit to their schedule.  

Although, whether you are a mom, student or an individual, working at your homes is one of the most beautiful things you will experience because you don’t need to rush going onto the office and deal with some judgmental and annoying coworkers.

Regardless of which of those good paying stay at home jobs that you will choose, it is important that you should plan ahead before starting up any of it. Just keep in mind that like any of those other jobs, some home-based businesses can also face uncertainty arising from market conditions and being aware of those things will increase your chance of having a successful home-based career.