How to Bolster the Power of Your Own Stem Cells

Stem cells are nature’s own superheroes, possessing nearly limitless power to create and protect our bodies and our lives. At the earliest stages of development, stem cells work to direct tissue and organ formation. But their influence doesn’t stop there. Stem cells continue working throughout the remainder of our lives, helping our bodies repair and replace damaged and diseased cells so that we remain healthy and able to function. Indeed, stem cells are a vital part of homeostasis, the process without which we would likely expire a lot sooner than preferred! Thus, we might not think much about it, but we exist because of stem cells and their extraordinary —their innate — ability to generate, support and protect living cells of all kinds. This isn’t to say, however, that stem cells’ inherent role in our bodies’ regulation isn’t also unimpressionable. On the contrary, there are ways to boost our stem cells’ performance so that their intrinsic value to our bodies is both exaggerated, as well as accelerated; clinics, such as ThriveMD in Colorado, are doing it, successfully by amplifying the natural abilities of stem cells in order to treat a variety of conditions (such as orthopedic degeneration and erectile dysfunction). You can help yourself, too. Take a look at these four tips for bolstering the power of your own stem cells:

Eat Better

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. Fresh, whole foods provide essential vitamins and minerals that enable all cells (including stem cells) to proliferate efficiently and perform effectively. Furthermore, reducing the amount of sugar in your diet helps prevent metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation and disease, and research indicates that low glucose environments enable stem cells to proliferate faster, to deteriorate less and work better than high glucose ones.

Healthy food for healthy living

Take Supplements

You might also wish to consider adding nutritional supplements to your diet in order to buttress stem cell production. Studies like this one, as well as these, demonstrate the potential that many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other biologics have to positively influence the efficacy of stem cells to regenerate cells and tissue within the body; the right type of supplements can contribute nutrients needed for stem cells to “modulate cell survival, proliferation and differentiation, thereby compounding their regenerative effects.

Get Active

Like good nutrition, getting enough exercise strengthens the body overall; it fortifies the immune system, reduces inflammation and prevents cellular degeneration, allowing stem cells the opportunity to replicate and differentiate unimpeded. Physical activity is a great way to naturally support cellular repair.

Purposefully Initiate Immune Responses

When the body senses impending danger, it initiates an immune response that seeks to control and mitigate its impact; it triggers the release of proteins that act as messengers, signaling the immune system to send out special cells to find and eliminate the invading antigen(s). Purposefully initiating this type of response can help train the body to become more efficient at it. For example, acupuncture has been proven as a