3 Reasons to Buy a Home in Vancouver

Vancouver is world renowned for being one of the top five places to live.  Its kind people, amazing culture, and beautiful views are just a couple of the reasons people flock to this island.  Here are the three main reasons you should stay here forever, instead of just vacationing when you get the chance.

The Food

Countless award-winning restaurants fill this bustling city.  IT’s no surprise that the seafood is as fresh as possible in Vancouver, since the fish you eat for lunch could have been caught less than an hour ago, less than a mile away.  

You’ll never want to cook from home, but if the city inspires you enough to hone your skills you’ll be greeted by several incredible cooking shops to get your kitchen ready.  The selection of food is varied enough that you’ll never get bored.  Cute little European-styled bistros share the street with JapaDog, a Japanese-inspired hotdog restaurant.

With over 5,000 restaurants in total, you could eat at a different place every night for thirteen and a half years without ever repeating one.

The People

This city is full of people who have their minds on the future.  With endless green planning, and poised to become one of the top tech hubs in the country, there’s a bright future for Vancouver thanks to the people who live there.

Not everyone is incredibly nice, but there’s no major city on Earth that doesn’t have a few jerks peppered in with the good people you meet in your day to day life.  You’ll want to get to know the diverse and creative people who live here, and become a resident yourself.  

If that doesn’t sell you on it, the low cost of living compared to most other major cities will have you dying to find Vancouver homes for sale.

The Land

Nobody who lives in Vancouver wants to spend a moment of their time inside during the summer.  Hiking trails, helicopter tours, and whale watching will leave you breathless and eager to get more out of life.

The abundance of water has raised a very lively house-boating community so they never have to be too far from the sea.  If you wanted to learn more about the land while enjoying it, snorkeling is offered by several different highly accredited companies.  You can get to know the fish and plant life that lies just beneath that beautiful water’s surface.

Winters are mild because of the nearby ocean, which means you don’t have to keep locked away from the cold.  If you do want some winter fun, North Vancouver offers peaks for everything from skiing to snowboarding. 

Vancouver, proud of both its technological and natural sides, has a lot to offer anyone who visits.  There’s even more to discover if you live here.  From warm winters that will keep you fit, to a lively art community that will keep you young, there’s no shortage of ways you could spend your life on this island.  The only thing you have to do is pack your bags and go!

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